Is there a deposit for my wedding?

Yes, the deposit is $1,500. Deposit can be paid by cash, check, certified bank bank or money order.   All other payments are to be made by cash or certified bank check.

Do you offer Wedding Ceremonies on-site?

YES! Not only do we offer three different ceremony spaces we also offer wedding officiants.

Do you have any required minimums?

Yes we do, each room has a minimum of guests for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday event.

Why do you charge an administration fee? What about gratuity?

All food and beverage price are subjected to a 21% Administration fee. As a banquet facility, we operate completely different than a normal restaurant. We call it an “administration” fee, because 100% of the fee is not divided among just the employees as a gratuity. As a banquet facility, there are many hands that go into making you event a success. Some of these hands include: Banquet servers, Banquet Managers, Bartenders, Chefs, Dishwashers, Event Coordinators, Office Staff, and Maintenance. We compensate employees at a fixed rate above minimum wage. We do not charge gratuity for any banquet, special function, or package deal. The Administration Fee is not purported to be gratuity and will not be distributed as gratuity to the employees who provided service to the guest.

It is under clients discretion to add gratuity to be provided to employee(s).

Do you cater on-site?

Not only do we cater on-site in our four beautiful banquet rooms, we have a full-service kitchen on wheels that can travel to your destination. We are now the exclusive cater for

Is there a handicap access?

Yes, of course. Our whole facility is handicap accessible and friendly.

Do you require us to use a specific list of vendors?

Absolutely not! It’s your wedding, not ours. We are happy to help you with recommending vendors we have experience working with, and your coordinator will ask for a list of vendors you have chosen. This is to just help everyone that day stay organized and on schedule.

Are there any time restrictions?

We create a custom time line based on your event and needs. The room will be ready for you to come in three (3) hours prior to your wedding event, one (1) hour prior special events. All items brought in will need to leave with you at the conclusion of the event.

What are your bathroom facilities like?

We have amply adequate restrooms, located in the room of your event or just around the corner.


We do not offer valet parking, but with our spacious parking in the rear of the building and the abundance of parking in the front. Your guest will have no issue finding a spot close to the doors.

Can we bring in our own wedding cake and or desserts?

Yes! You are able to bring in your own wedding cake, cupcakes, or other special occasion desserts. Our team will slice and plate your cake at no additional charge: we do not serve cake at the table, but rather create a dessert station after dinner for your guest. Cookies are allowed as long as they are pre-trayed and ready for display. We are unable to provide any refrigeration for cakes or dessert brought in from off-site. All cakes and desserts must arrive the day of event.

When do our items have to arrive and depart the premises?

For the most part, all items brought in for the event are able to come the morning of, or if discussed with your coordinator the night before. We don’t have refrigeration for perishable items such as real floral arrangements, wedding cake, cupcakes ect. That will all have to be brought in the morning of. All items brought in must depart at the conclusion of your event. We recommend appointing a trustworthy friend or family member to make sure they are returned safely. All your vendors must also remove their belongings at end of event.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept certified bank checks and cash. We DO NOT accept credit cards.

Any restrictions on decorations?

Confetti, small stones, and other things that will get caught in our vacuums and ruin them are prohibited. No nails, staples, thumbtacks, tape or the likes on any of the interior. We are in the midst of a remodel and would like the facility to stay beautiful for years to come for many people to enjoy.

Do we have to rent tables, chairs, glassware, china or linens?

No, definitely not. We provide all of that for you, at no additional charge. We are a full service banquet facility. Linens are available in white and napkins come in a variety of colors.

When does the menu have to be decided on?

The great thing about The Villa Banquet is that you create your own menu! When you come in to meet with a representative we will have a copy of the menu you will create on our online “Create your own dream menu” form. It’s your wedding and we don’t want you to feel like you don’t have a say in any part of it. We will meet again two months prior to your date and that is when we will need your final choice on menu. Fourteen (14) days prior is when the final payment will be due.

Does you venue often accommodate more then one event at a time?

Yes, we have four beautiful room at The Villa Banquet. Each room is its own area fully equipped with independent bathrooms, kitchen and staff.

Do you have an on-site officiant or someone you can recommend?

We Do! Jennifer DellaPenta would be happy to help you create a ceremony as unique as your love for one another. She can be reached by calling The Villa Banquet directly at 716-824-8711.